Free! Eternal Summer Ep. 9

Holy fucking jesus! That episode gave me everything I never knew I needed from this anime. Every week I’d look forward to cute moments, to funny moments, to “OMG I SHIP IT” moments and I’ve gotten all of that, but I never knew I would get the most heart wrenching moments that this show could conjure up in one fucking amazing episode. I just need to review/rant.

Nitori Aiichirou- YAY! I knew my baby Ai-chan could do it! He’s wanted it so badly and now he’s on the relay team. Good job lovey! He’s finally gonna swim with Rin-senpai. SENPAI HAS NOTICED YOU *two thumbs up*

Yamazaki Sousuke- where do I begin with this guy? So, yes, I thought he was a huge jerk when he first came…. scratch that… a huge sexy jerk, but I learned about his feelings for swimming with Rin and I kinda grew a soft spot for him. THEN, he went and coached Aiichirou? How fucking sweet! I was like yessssssssssss. THEN, we found out about his shoulder injury…. no, No, NO! That’s just what I needed… to go from hating a guy, to loving him, to pitying him… episode 9 did not make me adore him any less. That smile THAT FUCKING ENDEARING WARM ASS SMILE that he had on his face after Rin’s race stopped the world from turning for a minute. Then we have him suffering from his injury alone in the shower as a last scene…. what?! Now I’ll have his sounds of pain stuck in my hear for a whole week. One more thing, I actually cried a bit for Sousuke.

Matsuoka Rin- Rin, I love you. I’m loving you more and more with each episode. He’s becoming more caring and sweet and leader-like. First, he’s recognized Ai’s improvements in the episode and then he went to MakoHaru’s room to talk to Haru. At first, I was like “How rude! Even though Haru’s not in the room, Mako is. Fucking say hi or something Rin!” Then he sat down in front of Mako and asked about him. I was like “Yesssss. Now lie in his bed" I want to comment on how I feel about Rin in relation to Haru in this episode, but I need another minute to collect these thoughts.

Tachibana Makoto- Mako is the number one person I keep an eye on every episode. Last episode was Mako’s episode and *loud squeal* it was perfect and adorable, but this is about ep. 9, not 8. So, Mako once again proves his undying adoration and deep concern for Haru. He’s the only one who asks about how Haru is doing or feeling with no connection to swimming. Mako was with Haru way before the swim club and he’s always cared about him and understood how complicated Haru is. He also never pesters Haru, which I love. (Rin pushed Haru hard even at his weakest moment, which is why he got that explosion of emotion). Mako knew Haru was gonna explode at any moment and I could tell he wanted to just hug Haru and tell him that it was gonna be alright and that he didn’t need to worry about anything anymore. ahhh Mako…. Seriously the glue to every episode.

Nanase Haruka- ah… and here we are at the star of this episode and every other one since he’s the damn main character.Haru, for the first time has shown us a bit of his head drama. That nightmare was the more nerve wracking thing ever. I felt like I understood a bit more of what Haru was going through. We’ve always seen bland Haru, who never openly shows how he’s feeling, but you could see the deep-rooted fear and helplessness Haru felt in that dream. It was deep. And then Rin. Rin was the scariest part of that nightmare for me. His eyes were open. His hand was extended. His words were basically “Come to the future with me, Haru” He don’t wanna go no where with you, shark boy! You and your talks of future and pro-swimming scare him. When Haru was doing his race, I could tell something was gonna happen. I thought ok he’s not gonna jump, then he did. Then I thought ok he’s gonna be last place, but he was swimming fine. Then I thought he was gonna drown or something, but that’s too much. Haru can’t die. Mako would kill himself. I never expected that he would just stop swimming like that. That was the biggest act of defiance ever. He didn’t finish the race. I think that’s the loudest message Haru could give. He’s not ready to move on. Ok, so that explosion of emotion at Rin really shook me. Haru’s always so quiet and soft-spoken, but Rin just kept pushing and Haru was always vulnerable. God, Haru. 

All this…. in one fucking episode. I need to know what’s coming next. I know at some point, I’m gonna wanna give Rin a huge hug. Think about it. He’s always been working towards this dream of being a professional swimmer and he’s been working hard to take his friends along. Namely, Sousuke and Haru. But slowly he’s gonna find out his friends aren’t going anywhere. Either they don’t want to (Haru) or they physically can’t (Sousuke). He’s gonna feel alone and hurt that he couldn’t realize it earlier. Riiiiiiiiiiiiin 


i’ve been eating rice all my life but im still a kawaii potato✌😒


Haru’s dream legit gave me chills and made my stomach hurt.

You can actually feel the pressure of his indecisiveness and worry and fears of confinement and helplessness.

In fact I’m starting to feel a little anxiety. I think I need to calm down.

But you get it



I can already hear the soumako shippers screaming in the distance

Just finished watching Free! ES ep.9




I’m about to break down why I ship MakoHaru man okay


Look at this. Rin doesn’t understand Haru’s feelings. He’s trying to push things on Haru instead of actually being there to try and understand what he’s going through.

This scene too wow let me explain to you why this scene is important



Before the race




(Note the fucking symbolism.)

After the race…


Rin has got something that Haru doesn’t have, and yet, yet Rin still expects the same from him…he still dreams of a future where they are swimming together…


As far as Rin is concerned, Haru is his close…

sousuke yamazaki: [protects friend against what he initially misjudged as a threat]
sousuke yamazaki: [gives pep talk to upset teammate]
sousuke yamazaki: [spends extra time coaching said teammate]
sousuke yamazaki: [helps someone else achieve the goal that he cant]
sousuke yamazaki: [in general actively makes an effort to be a good person]
fandom: i dont know hes kind of a dick